January Newsletter: Hello 2021, Hello Exciting Prizes!

Dear ZeLoopians

This mellow New Year, ZeLoop hopes you’re all geared up for some exhilarating news coming your way. This month has been action-packed for us and just like you, we’re checking off boxes and starting 2021 just right. If you’re a fan of theatre and Shakespeare’s plays have always amused you, this first piece of news will have you on the edge of your seats. Our new ECO-REWARD partner is *drum roll* ‘Culture Emulsion’, which brings a range of plays for all ages and tastes. For every 10,000 ECO REWARDS, get a 10% discount on the show purchase.

This January, ZeLoop turns your plastic waste into gold. Our new ECO MISSION in partnership with Bee’ah offers a range of gifts including a Sephora Gift card worth 500 AED, an Amazon gift card worth 300 AED, and even an iPhone 12! The first-place winner gets a 2-night stay at Nikki Beach Hotel. You not only get to save the environment but also win some thrilling gifts in return. 2021 could not get more rewarding!

We also have some more exciting new partners like ‘The Secret Skin’, ‘ThinkUpcycle’ and ‘Tickle Tickle’. Be sure to stay tuned and find out what the next adventure beholds with them.

We also featured our ZeLoop booth at the Sustainability Souk at the Polo Club, Dubai, and met many sustainable friends who are ready to join the venture. Are you?

To top it all off, ZeLoop hits 5000 downloads this January! We’re excited to see our family grow and we fervently anticipate what the future holds for all of us.

There’s so much more where that came from. Become a part of this rewarding experience by downloading the ZeLoop App.


ZeLoop Team

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